Raclette In The Park - 7 March, 2015

07 Mar 2015 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Article by Stephanie Rowold

After a long period of air pollution clouding the city,  Chinese New Year finally saved us and provided some relief! But as the air quality improved, being as clean as it had been in a long time, suddenly it was back again with clouds, mist, grey and depressing weather.

I avoided outdoor activities with my two little children for the past weeks. But this is my 4th year in Hong Kong, and after trying for the past three years to join the "Raclette in the Park" event hosted by the Swiss Association of Hong Kong (SAHK), I promised myself that I would sign up no matter what. So I did, and I am glad I did.

Just thinking about the event brought a smile to my face that I could not wait for the clock to turn 1pm on Saturday, March 7. I thought about the last time I had a proper raclette or cheese fondue - not the ones from Park n Shop defrosted for the 6th time - and I honestly couldn’t remember.

We arrived with our picnic equipment together with a soccer ball and blanket at the BBQ site opposite the Parkview Hong Kong Trail entrance.

I saw the big block of cheese melting to become hot and delicious layers, the cheese fondue in the pot, and the huge ham stored in an even larger piece of hollowed out bread... I knew I should have not missed it the three years prior! And I felt a bit homesick too...

All the picnic tables were nicely prepared, wine and soft drinks were available - the feast could begin. It was an absolutely fabulous time made even better by the lovely company of new and old friends, even the sun came and joined us for a bit.

Even my little ones, 2 and 4 years old who grew up in Hong Kong, could not get enough of 'real' Swiss cheese. It's nice to know that you can live in a great city like Hong Kong and still experience a true Swiss tradition in a lovely park with people who share your experiences from back home, all while enjoying one of the best Swiss meals ever.

There were about 80 adults and 30 kids in total, enjoying the afternoon eating, drinking, playing, talking and just socializing. I will not miss this event again and already look forward to it for 2016, 2017 and so on... I hope you will too!

My biggest 'Thank You' goes to the organizers and volunteers of the SAHK Events group. Well done guys! You really brought Switzerland to the park!
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