Insider Series : Visit to the School of Creative Media, AIMTech Centre and Apps Lab of the City University of Hong Kong

26 Nov 2015 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

When most of us think of 3D Technology/Multimedia, the first thing that comes to our minds is probably 3D movies. But of course we know it is not confined to entertainment and has very diverse applications in different industries.

Our visit to City University of Hong Kong(CityU) gave us the rare opportunity to see how it is deployed in education (AIMtech Centre) and research centres (Gallery 360). Also included in the itinerary was the exhibition “Artistic Research- A Contemporary Code" co-organized with University of Applied Arts of Vienna and visiting the AppsLab of CityU.

We first arrived at the cradle of creativity building, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (CMC), the landmark nine floors building in CityU, designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. Mr Libeskind is also the master plan architect for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site in New York

We were each given a pair of 3D glasses as we entered the AIMtech Centre(Centre for Innovative Applications of Internet and Multimedia Technologies) . The presenter explained that AIMtech is working with a school in the InSPAL program (Interactive Sensory Program for Affective Learning) designed specially for severely intellectually disabled students (SID).

The virtual reality and 3D motion learning scenarios are designed to enhance pre-learning skills and provide sensitization experience for SID students.

Next we went to the Gallery 360 on the 8th floor.Again we had to put on a pair of 3D glasses to experience 360-degree 3D visualization techniques displaying "Pure Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang" hosted by the Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment of SCM (School of Creative Media)

Using pioneering virtual reality technology, artists and scientists at CityU have developed new animated 3D experience. Visitors are immersed in a large 360-degree panoramic projection theatre that gives a true-to-life experience of being inside a cave temple and seeing its magnificent Buddhist wall paintings at one-to-one scale.

Next on the itinerary was the exhibition “Artistic Research- A Contemporary Code" co-organized with University of Applied Arts of Vienna. The exhibition offers an overview of the progress of the ambitious research program and illuminates current artistic and scientific strategies.

A quick stop was made at the Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media (ACIM) and Multimedia Theatre (MMT). ACIM has numerous motion sensor cameras to capture the movements of the performers wearing special outfits with sensors at the joints while MMT has numerous cutting-edge mulitmedia facilities.

After immersing in a multimedia environment for three hours, we had to move on to another building where the AppsLab is located. This is the incubator where mobile apps technologies are developed and robotics research is carried out.

The new laboratory aims to create a stimulating environment for students to develop smart communication devices and a series of mobile phone apps have been developed there, including Organ Donation App, Robot-Controlling App, "Floating" Movie App and Posture Assessment App.

Four hours went by quickly and soon it was the end of the visit. It was truly a knowledge enriching experience and a privilege to visit many premises that are normally not opened to the public.

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