Xmas Fragrant Wreath Workshop (by Parfumerie Tresor)

27 Nov 2015 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Christmas Fragrant Wreath workshop was both fun and informative. There is more to Perfume once we know better...it's about chemistry, history, memories, lifestyle and trends.

There are 18 Hong Kong exclusive brands available in the boutique.
The niche perfumes come mainly from Europe.

From London to Paris to Rome, each perfume has a story associated to it. It was interesting to know more before we let our nose do the workout. Each fragrance has a distinct scent, complex yet the layering could be identified such as floral, fruity, green tea, spicy, leather etc

One should smell 3-5 different aromatics first thing in the morning. Apparently our sense of smell is sharpest in the early hours and meditating on the aromas of jasmine, rose or cedarwood makes for a relaxing start to the working day.

The Christmas Wreath handicraft session followed thereafter. Our trainer got a diverse selection of flowers and accessories for us to work on. The ladies working on the big Christmas wreath started off first and the rest of us doing the cup size joined later. With the help of our trainer, we were all happy to bring home our beautiful festive floral piece.

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