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22 Jun 2016 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Hannes Lanz

Dear friends of Traditional Swiss Cooking,

It is always a pleasure to visit the Swiss Chalet, established in 1989, for a wholesome lunch or dinner, as the quality and selections of the various menus are always outstanding and well selected. The bill at the end of the meal is very reasonable – probably one of the best deals in town.
Our Culinary Swiss Ambassador – Mr. Max Liechti – well established in the Far East since 1975 – is personally heading the kitchen to make sure that each plate leaving the stove is perfect in every respect, taste and presentation. Max also just got the well-deserved plaque from Michelin (2016 Micheline Guide Recommended Restaurant - see the picture of Max on the attachment) – and as far as I know Max is the first and only one who got this recommendation as an operator/owner of an authentically run Swiss restaurant established outside of Switzerland. This honor and pride can be shared by all of us of the Swiss community here in Hong Kong.
Most of us are often invited by our friends to their traditional lunches and dinners to their Clubs, hotel restaurants, favorite Yamcha places, etc….. Why not take them to ‘chez Max’ from time to time to show them that the Swiss can also prepare typical delicacies from a well selected menu. Max is also suggesting a daily set ‘Executive Lunch’ which is a bargain and often served with a complementary beverage. A choice of 4 each different starter, main dish and desert are offered and are being changed on a weekly basis. A separate menu is also available for Vegetarians. The Chalet is also easily and quickly accessible by foot from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station by the moving walkway and the lift at the end. At the TST station, use the underground exit NP and step on the comfortable moving walkway. After the 2nd section get off at exit N and take the lift in front of you to Hanoi Road to the upper floor. From there, turn left around the sharp corner (jewellery shop), go straight for one minute to Hart Avenue, turn right and the sign of the Chalet Restaurant is in front of you. I bet with you a lunch that you are much faster from Central by MTR to TST at Max’s place than in any eatery located in Lang Kwai Fong, Wanchai or Causeway Bay. I calculated that it takes roughly 20 minutes to go from Central to the Chalet. Just try it once – and you will not regret it – and you will be tempted do it again regularly. Since there is virtually no walking required (moving walkway!) the trip is easy and comfortable… If you arrive via Tsim Sha Tsui East, use also exit N (Hanoi Road), step on the moving walkway (2 sections) and the lift ‘exit N – Hanoi Road’ is in front of you, 20 steps from the moving walkway.
The Chalet is also very well suited to cater for exclusive and private parties, company dinners, family reunions, birthday celebrations, etc… and a private room for 10 to 12 seating is also available on request. For example, groups of young Japanese mothers with their infants regularly visit the Chalet for a casual lunch and chat.
As attachment some excerpts of the menus. Max can also easily follow guests’ special requests and can also serve assorted menus to be shared on the table among the guests – so popular with Chinese diners - to give them the opportunity to sample the taste and presentation of differently selected delicacies.
Whenever possible tables should be booked in advance under Tel. 2191 9197. See also the attachment for further details.
Max is very much looking forward to your visit.
Best regards,
Hannes Lanz

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