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    Article by Esther Wenger

    In the evening of November 19th about twelve ladies gather in the 'La Piola' for a nice evening out.

    The Apérol Spritz seems everyone's favourite and the conversation is lively in the open Bar with the temperature still agreeably warm.

    A few of the ladies leave after an hour or so while the rest of us relocate to the upper floor for a delicious dinner resuming the happy chattering.

    A heartfelt thank you to Simona for organizing this great event.

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    Photos from Verena Mooser

    Hiking Trail

    Starting Point - Public Garden across the Hong Kong Police Museum on Coombe Road

    • the Aberdeen Upper Reservoir
    • the Aberdeen Nature Trail
    • the Lower Reservoir dam

    Ending Point - Aberdeen, passing next to the Tin Hau Temple

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    Article by Verena Mooser

    A lovely blue sky and beautiful white beach were the background for this year’s Meet and Greet at Shek O beach, which took place on 27th  September.

    Over forty people, including the Swiss Consul General Mrs Rita Hämmerli-Weschke and Consul Mrs Sandra Chawla-Gantenbein,  got together to share a relaxing day and enjoy the warm water of the bay, the gentle breeze and the brightly shining sun.

    In addition to the sausages, meat and chicken for the grill, there was a delicious selection of food, generously brought by all the participants to share with each other. The children and toddlers enjoyed playing in the sand while the adults tasted the wine sponsored by the Swiss Association.

    All in all, a great memory for all present!

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    Article by Michelle Char

    Our monthly Coffee Morning in September was held in Stanley as our Consul General Mrs Rita Haemmerli-Weschke graciously offered to hold the session in her home.

    It was a lovely morning and there was a sumptuous breakfast spread prepared for us. Among the participants, a few had just newly arrived in Hong Kong so it was a good networking as well as an excellent opportunity to speak to Mrs Rita Haemmerli-Weschke of matters close to heart.

    Many thanks once again to Mrs Rita Haemmerli-Weschke for her hospitality and her support to the Swiss Community in Hong Kong.
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  • 01 Aug 2014 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Article by Michelle Char

    One could feel the Swiss vibe upon arrival at the event venue in the Hong Kong Jockey Club as it was beautifully decorated with the Swiss flags and colourful Swiss cantons flags. On each dining table, there was a floral showpiece made with velvet red roses contrasted with pure white roses in the Swiss flag design. And what a delightful surprise for participants to find Swiss National Day packaging chocolates and either a "Seilbahngondel" or "Alphütte" chocolate gift set as the table prize.

    The event started off with welcoming remarks by Tobias Heller, President of Swiss Association of Hong Kong, followed by a speech from Rita Hämmerli-Weschke, our Consul General. An audio address for this special occasion by the President of the Swiss Confederation Didier Burkhalter was delivered subsequently. After that everyone joined in and sang the Swiss National Anthem with gusto.

    An irresistible spread of Swiss food and desserts were available on the buffet tables. The sight of Rösti, Raclette, Quiches, Sausages, Zürchergeschetzeltes, Rüebli Torte, Kirsch Torte, etc. one could easily rekindle the love for Swiss comfort food.

    There was a good mix of entertainment with Quizes, Alphorn Challenge, Best Swiss Outfit Contest and the Raffle Tickets sales. Everything went smoothly as our charming MCs were great in encouraging the enthusiastic participants to go on stage for some actions and got everyone connected.

    Even though far away from home, it was a warm and relaxing evening that engaged fellow Swiss and friends of Switzerland in celebration of The Swiss National Day.  Remember to mark this date in your 2015 calendar and register early.

    Our most heartfelt thanks to the following who have helped to make this a memorable event:

    1. The Sponsors with their generous contributions to all the gifts and prizes. Thanks for their support.
    2. Volunteers from the participants who helped at the event registration tables and sales of Raffle Tickets.
    3. Everyone who bought the Raffle Tickets as the funds raised will be donated to a Hong Kong based charitable organisation.
    4. Last but not least, the event team from Swiss Association of Hong Kong, Swiss Chamber of Hong Kong, Swiss Consulate and Swiss International Air Lines who did a great job in organising and managing the logistics of the event.

    Find pictures of the event under the following link:
    Swiss National Day Pictures

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    Article by Tim-Zi Bethke | 12 November 2014

    The Swiss Association of Hong Kong (SAHK) has always been a great supporter of the Studer Trust, a charitable organization founded in 2004 by the late Peter Gautschi.

    Peter was a Swiss expatriate well known in the hotel business. After his retirement he founded Studer Trust and up to date has completed more than 200 charitable projects, mostly schools in China and Myanmar. The Trust’s philosophy is to keep the bureaucracy to a bare minimum and that hundred percent of the donations are being used for the needy. Still nowadays, all administrative expenses are covered by a privately funded endowment fund.

    Peter passed away in a tragic car crash in June 2013 in Myanmar. Since then the Swiss community has shown its appreciation and respect towards Peter and his legacy in many supporting events and gestures.

    One of them is the Jass-Evening dedicated to Peter. It is a well-known fact that Peter was a passionate Jass-player and regularly seen at the SAHK’s monthly Jass. After Peter’s death, Thomas Burkhalter, the organizer of the Jass Evening, together with friends arranged the “Jass Evening in salutation and remembrance of Peter Gautschi”.

    The first Jass took place in July 2013 and the second Jass this year on the first anniversary of Peter’s death

    It was again a beautiful gathering among old and new friends accompanied by the fine cuisine at the Pacific Club and some fun jokes over the Jass tables. The Studer Trust did also receive generous donations and it would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the SAHK and all friends and supporters.

    For more information please visit www.studertrust.org

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    Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a popular water sport in Hong Kong. It looks supercool to do SUP but is it an easy sport to learn? SAHK organised a fun day at the beach in June and Evi Pfister shares her experience in the following article.

    Article by Evi Pfister

    On a cloudy Sunday in June a small group gathered in Stanley to try out SUP. After sorting out the right size board for everyone and with some basic instructions, we headed out.

    Luckily the sea was calm and therefore the waves did not cause much challenges. The beginners started with paddling on their knees first and then as they found their balances on the boards worked their way up to standing. We also had a few experienced paddlers and they gladly helped out with tips and made sure none of the kids got lost or paddled too far away from the crowd.

    It was a fun morning and a great end to the activity with a nice lunch at one of the restaurants in Stanley.

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    Article by Simona Pinelli

    On 5th June SAHK organized once again a Ladies Night: this time the location was at the Opera House in Wanchai, a nice and peaceful Italian Bistro/Restaurant.

    We were about 15 ladies, enjoying some nice drinks such as "spritz" and enjoying some nice Italian canapés as well as some pizza.

    The evening was so interesting and joyful that some of us stayed for a longer evening, enjoying some nice red wine together with the owner.

    Let's organize another Ladies Night after the summer break and hope that you will join us!

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    Article by Damian Bethke

    Going with the theme of the Year of the Horse, the Swiss Association of Hong Kong together with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong invited for another edition of the Night at the Races at the legendary Hong Kong Jockey Club.

    The Horse Race is since long an established event for the Swiss people in Hong Kong making it the second biggest event of the year after the Swiss National Day celebration.

    'Some people lost and some people won money but mostly it was just a fun night with friends' found Kesang Spirgi who was involved in the organisation of the event.

    Marco Polo Fine Wines sponsored carefully selected Italian wines made from indigenous grapes (vermentino for white and cannonau for red) which paired very well with the food provided by the Jockey Club.

    Tobias Heller the President of the Swiss Association thanked the guests for their coming and concluded: 'It was another great event and very most likely we will do it again next year!...'

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  • 10 May 2014 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Article by Damian Bethke

    The World's Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station is one of the millennium projects in South East Asia and it was for this reason that the Swiss Association of Hong Kong was keen to offer a presentation about this mega project to its members.

    With Mr. Lukas Fivian, the Technical Director for Josef Gartner & Co., a company  involved in the construction of the facades, the SAHK found a hands-on expert who led through the presentation with rare knowledge and expertise.

    The participants seemingly enjoyed the presentation and used the rare occasion in the subsequent question & answer session to get more insights. Damian Bethke, member of the committee of the SAHK, thanked Lukas for his time - 'We were proud to have Lukas with us today and on behalf of the Swiss Associations of Hong Kong I thank him for this presentation.'

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